How to Help a Friend Clean up a Virus Infection

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Have you already had a friend call you for help cleaning up a virus infection? All the precautions that you apply to diligently maintain the security of your computers are suddenly useless when it comes to dealing with someone else's infected computer.

The web has some great resources available for such emergencies. I'm not trying to add another one here, but rather to just collect a few links that have helped me in this situation:

First things first!
Disconnect the computer from the Internet immediately and don't reconnect it until you're reasonably sure that it's clean again! Do not try to work through these links and procedures using the infected computer. You need a second, clean computer to read instructions and download software. To transfer downloaded software to the infected computer use either a memory stick with a read-only switch (to avoid getting the infection onto the stick) or burn a CD.
Cleaning a Pest-Infested Computer —
A little dated, but still great advice and links.
Dealing with an infected PC, by Charlie Russel —
Also a little dated, but with useful Windows XP-specific information on such technical items as disabling System Restore (to keep Windows from restoring the infection after you've painstakenly cleaned it...) and running in Safe Mode.
Spybot - Search & Destroy —
Detects and cleans up a large number of malware. Download from
AVG Free Advisor —
Advice and the freely downloadable AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition scanner.
avast! antivirus software —
Freely downloadable anti-virus scanner; also, avast! Virus Cleaner Free
Ad-Aware malware scanner —
Freely downloadable malware scanner.
Trend Micro HouseCall —
Provides a free on-line virus scanner. It requires either Java or Internet Explorer with activated ActiveX technology.
Final Remark
If you use free services from any of the companies mentioned above, then consider also signing up for their paid services — if they provided value to you, you should probably give something back...


Highly suggest adding:
To your list of tools, on more than one occasion I've found that to be the only tool that can help trully clean up systems. Alot of antivirus software now adays(avg/nortons/mcafee etc) will detect but fail at removing and cleaning the system up. Once something nasty get's malwarebytes is usually able to get rid of it..
If I had to pick one tool to have installed on my mother and kid brother's computer to prevent nastyness from getting in and what i'd want to clean it up if it did would be malwarebytes.