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Use Alternative UI Languages on Your Drupal Site

Drupal Planet:

I run some German-language sites, but I strongly prefer working with an English-language user interface. A possible solution is the Administration Language module, which lets you select an alternative langauge for the administration pages, but it falls short in several ways:

  • I want to see everything in English, not just the administration pages,
  • I have a deputy administrator who prefers to see the administrtion pages in German, and

IE Privacy Policy Causes Log-in Failure

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Drupal Planet:

Internet Explorer's High Privacy setting "blocks all cookies from websites that do not have a compact privacy policy." This includes out-of-the-box installations of Drupal 7.

Here's a work-around:


header('P3P: CP="We do not have a P3P policy"');

to your settings.php file. Tested with IE9.

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