Deploying DMARC (and DKIM)

I found that Google/Gmail was suddenly filing email from my domains into the spam folder of the recipients. At that point I had implemented SPF a few years back. It's difficult to access whether SPF pass increases the chances for successful delivery, but SPF fails definitely increase the odds of rejections, which is a good thing, because it makes my domains unattractive for spoofing. This in turn has reduced the number of non-delivery messages (back-scatter) for spam that claimed to originate from one of my domains to just about none.

Start mysql as Administrator in Plesk

Here's what (presumably Parallels, India) did:

cat /etc/issue
/usr/local/psa/bin/admin --show-password
mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow ` psa

use psa;
select id,name from domains where cl_id = vendor_id;
select id,login from clients where parent_id is null;
update domains set vendor_id=1 where cl_id=vendor_id;


logrotate keeps Linux logs from growing indefinitely.

/var/lib/logrotate.status shows the list of the logs under logrotate control as well as the date of when each was last rotated.

Controlling Access to Pages

If you need a way to control who can see your content, then you should tackle this early on.

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