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Historical Currency Exchange Rates

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I'm a Swiss citizen and the continuous fall of the US Dollar and rise of the Swiss Franc has me worried.

These links drive it home:


My Firefox Extensions

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Everyone has got their list of favorite extensions — here's mine...

Setting up My Eclipse / EGit for Drupal Development

This is work in progress...

I like working in Eclipse, and I've gotten used to having one project for each major Drupal version. This allows me to put the corresponding contribs inside the respective sites/all/modules directory and to just .gitignore them. That way I can let my local webserver serve each Drupal version without having to switch branches.

Set Up a Cache

Setting up msysGit

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Setting up msysGit on my Win7 box has been a bit of a pain.

Here's a step by step guide:

1. I don't quite understand what the Portable version is all about, but I went with the other one.

2. If you're not running as Administrator, then the Installer fails. So, run it as Admin. I had also installed TortoiseGit, and the Installer made me choose from
( ) Use OpenSSH
( ) Use (Tortoise)Plink
The former ultimately lead to success.

Open issues with a newly installed HE Linux L 4.0 VPS

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mod_delay/0.6: unable to open DelayTable '/var/run/proftpd/proftpd.delay': No such file or directory

Fix: create the directory.

Possibly related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/543506 ("runlevel unknown", #81, #94)


pam_env(sshd:setcred): Unable to open env file: /etc/default/locale: No such file or directory

Fix: create the file.

Running a Linux server under subversion

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I like putting my servers under subversion control, i.e. treating the entire file system as a "local working copy." That way I can safely try things and be sure that I can go back to a previous configuration. Also, whenever I do some configuration changes (either manually or through a control panel), I can review all the changes, and when I'm satisfied I add a dated entry to a history file and commit / (root).


Here's a typical workflow:

  1. Make some changes.
  2. Verify the intended behavior.

A Nice Restaurant in Barcelona

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PLA Restaurant
Bellafila, 5
93 412 65 52

Pl. Sant Jaume -> Ciutat -> Bellafila

How to Set up a PHP Development Environment for Drupal under Windows

So I bought a new notebook computer, an HP dv5-1250us, which came with the unloved Windows Vista, 64-bit version. I haven't wasted any time on Vista so far, and don't intend to, either. So the plan was to install Windows XP until Windows 7 would be available, but it turns out that the XP installation disks don't have the required SATA drivers. Rather than mucking with custom XP installation disks, I'm going for the Windows 7 64-bit RC now.

Get the Servers Up and Running

Create Subthemes to Keep Garland Customizations Separate on a Shared Installation

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If you have Set Up a Single Drupal Installation for Supporting Multiple Virtual Hosts, then you're also sharing the themes. What if you want to make some minor customizations on one of the sites?

As mentioned in Customizing the Drupal Garland Theme, you can unshare the theme by making local copies in each site. But this is exactly what we wanted to avoid in the first place! There is a better way: create a subtheme for each site.


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