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Create Subthemes to Keep Garland Customizations Separate on a Shared Installation

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If you have Set Up a Single Drupal Installation for Supporting Multiple Virtual Hosts, then you're also sharing the themes. What if you want to make some minor customizations on one of the sites?

As mentioned in Customizing the Drupal Garland Theme, you can unshare the theme by making local copies in each site. But this is exactly what we wanted to avoid in the first place! There is a better way: create a subtheme for each site.

Plesk Migration

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I've tried moving a Plesk 8.6 installation on SuSE 10.0 to a Plesk 8.6 installation on SuSE 10.3, but this doesn't work (see https://kis.hosteurope.de/support/faq/index.php?cpid=13913 (requires login)).

Downgrading to openssh-4.1p1-10 allows Plesk Migration Manager to work, and to avoid opening up vulnerabilities I've used...

sshd : ALL : DENY


sshd : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx : ALLOW

How to Help a Friend Clean up a Virus Infection

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Have you already had a friend call you for help cleaning up a virus infection? All the precautions that you apply to diligently maintain the security of your computers are suddenly useless when it comes to dealing with someone else's infected computer.

The web has some great resources available for such emergencies. I'm not trying to add another one here, but rather to just collect a few links that have helped me in this situation:

The node_access Table

I'm starting to gather knowledge on how the ACL Drupal module works.

On a fresh install, the node_access table contains one entry:

nid gid realm grant_view grant_update grant_delete
0 0 all 1 0 0

This entry grants view access to all nodes. When you install an access module, this entry is replaced by module-specific node access entries.

Access Denied to Anonymous Users

How to Test Drupal with PostgreSQL

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On-line docs for PostgreSQL:

Taken from a post by Barry J.:

I use XAMPP on Windows for development. Here is my process for using PostgreSQL 8.3:

1. Download and run the installer.
2. Uncomment the "extension=php_pgsql.dll" line in Apache's php.ini.
3. Re-start Apache.
4. Change $db_url in settings.php.

Taken from a post by Bill M.:

Once it's installed, there's another step called "initializing

Testing Email Functionality

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You should always create a test site for testing purposes. If your test site does not have email, but the module you want to test requires it, you have two choices:

  • On a Linux box, see http://drupal4hu.com/node/55
  • On a Windows box, use your ISP's mail server by setting the following values in php.ini:
    [mail function]
    ; For Win32 only.
    SMTP = your.ISPs-email-server.tld
    smtp_port = 25
    ; For Win32 only.
    sendmail_from = your.email.address@example.com

What Drupal Modules Do I Use?

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Whenever I start a new website I think I ought to create a list of the essential modules to get started quickly, but it's so hard to slow down and start keeping records when I could just go ahead and do it... Let's try it anyway!

Default Core Modules

Drupal has a number of required core modules, these are always there. Out of the box it also has the following core modules enabled:

Customizing the Drupal Garland Theme

Garland is the nice new default theme in Drupal 5. Here's how to customize it...

Change the Colors

Garland not only looks good out-of-the-box, but it also comes with a number of predefined color schemes and even lets you define your own using the color.module core module:

Miscellaneous Items to Do on a New Plesk Server

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In this blog entry I'll collect a few minor items where I feel, that Plesk is not quite up where it should be.

Before Anything Else: Fix SSH

Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make the following changes (in the order of the parameters in the file):

Miscellaneous Oddities Surrounding My Drupal Installation

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Here I'll collect some minor issues and their solutions, which are often surprising...

Site Logo Color Is Wrong in IE

Drupal comes with site logos in .png format. If I create my own site logos in .png format and try to blend the background, then they look fine in FF, but the background is different in IE. Why does this happen?

The solution is to use .jpg instead.


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